Time is like running water. Six years have passed in a flash. The girl's family still don't approve of her marrying him! This time, the girl really disagreed. No matter how she explained it to her family, it still didn't make sense to her family. Mom and dad are looking for a better family with a job. Maybe the family is for the girl, OK! Don't want a girl to find a house or a job. People who have nothing live a hard life! Mom and the girl said, after that, you are not me, break up the relationship. After that, my mother fainted angrily. Look at the weak and sick. One side is the boy who loves himself deeply. On the one hand, I raised my mother for more than 20 years. The girl's heart softened. He promised his family not to marry him. After the event, the girl told the boy the story. The boy looked at the girl with his loving eyes and held the girl's hand and said, "I understand you, and blame me for not having the money to marry you!"! It's not your parents' fault! It's me. The girl said, it's not your fault; all the money you made these years has been spent on me and my family. It's not your fault! The boy hugged the girl and gently stroked her hair. The girl went to her head and moistened it. She tightly hugged the boy. Soon the girl's mother entrusted someone else to introduce a foreign object to the girl. She told the girl that the boy was very good, with a job and a good family Don't wait for mom to finish the girl said to her mother that you are optimistic about it, don't ask me.